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Roberta Johnson, Ellendale, North Dakota
Roberta Johnson, Ellendale, North Dakota

Roberta Johnson, Ellendale, North Dakota.

This is Roberta, a shy little girl who was crowned “Little Miss Ellendale” in 1954. She was a quiet and only child, yet she went on stage alone, and stood so proud in her new red shoes.

Along with the crown, she won a coloring book and five dollars. Her mom took her to the store where she bought black licorice pipes for her dad and lemon drops for her mom – and a box of crayons.

Through the years she has always thought of others first and shared what she had even if it meant she went without.

Today she speaks on behalf of others as editor of the local newspaper. Yet that shy little girl is still who she is today. Perhaps that shyness and putting others first is why, after so many years, she is still alone.