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Landscape of Memory.

My older brother Dugie is an internationally renowned expressive mosaic artist. He constructs abstract impressions using Scottish slate to illustrate scenes from childhood memory about the landscape where we were raised in Argyll, Scotland. His mosaic interpretations of the landscape are very much inspired by local geology and archaeology.

My experience growing up in the same village (Dalavich) was colored by relatives using cameras to record happy memories when they came to visit during holidays. Subsequently, I developed the perception that people photographed what they wanted to remember. And as a consequence, photography and happiness became synonymous in my young mind.

My brother’s personality, and his motivation to make art, are both different from my own. Dugie’s disposition is somewhat introverted. His beautifully evocative art-works are abstractions. My photographs tend to be more literal. I’m also an extrovert. Our contrasting personalities, and what inspires us to make work, presented fertile ground for a collaborative project.

I spent a week in Dalavich photographing the landscape of my formative childhood memories. This portfolio represents the results. Contrasting my photographs with my brother’s mosaics, offers two interpretations of the same place, using two different mediums. Additionally, the collaboration celebrates the association between place and memory.