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iPhone-Camera Grids

I carry at least two cameras with me most of the time. One is a point and shoot camera with a large full-frame sensor and high quality lens. The other is my iPhone camera, which has a tiny sensor and lens, and subsequently produces relatively lower quality images. When the passion to make a photograph poses, (pardon the pun) a determination is made: High quality or low? If the image’s destination is Instagram, (typically viewed on a small mobile phone screen) I’ll use the iPhone camera. If it’s a moment worth preserving for my Family Album, I’ll use my fancy camera. Rarely will I record the same scene with both types of cameras.

In photography, especially when making prints, quality is always a key consideration. Enlarged prints from high quality digital cameras are typically superior to those made from phone camera image files. However, very large, high-quality prints are possible from iPhone image files if they are printed in combination as mosaics. Creating mosaics of iPhone camera photographs presents creative possibilities of juxtaposing, reinforcing and/or reinterpretation of subjects and/or scenes. The images in this portfolio are the results of my experiments so far.