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Patsy and Peter (my parents)

It broke my mother’s heart when I left home to join the Royal Navy in 1969. Her ‘wee boy’ was only 15. I spent much of my later life attempting make up for it. Three years later, I emigrated to North America. In 1977, my parents met me in New York. I rented a car and drove them to Florida and back. I presumed my obligation was over. They made 15 more trips to the States. They were hooked. Our lives were positively affected by all the adventures we shared. I remember my father saying, our rental car was like a magic carpet. I recall sharing many times, “if anything ever happened to us, it’s fine, because we were millionaires in the moment.” My father died in 1997. My mother made several more trips to the States before she died in 2002. For now, I’m still riding the magic carpet.