• Video: Ridiculous Mind

  • Rocky Mountain PBS

    Short video by Linneya Gardner for Colorado Voices on Rocky Mountain PBS

  • Interview by Maya Kirkeby, Regis University

    Interview about exhibition "Two-Way Mirror" at Regis University, Denver, Colorado.

  • PBS 12, On the Same Page - Episode 5

    Talking about Arts, Ageism, COVID & Justice. Has the pandemic caused an increased interest in arts and culture? What is the role of the arts in elevating social justice issues? Do we lose our creativity as we get older? Listen in to a group of Colorado artists discuss these questions and others as part of Changing the Narrative’s on the same pAGE intergenerational conversations.
    Stacey D’Angelo, Director of Theatre, Community College of Aurora
    Gregg Deal, Artist and Activist
    Michael Gadlin, Visual Artist
    Helen Littlejohn, Artist and Retired Educator
    Roddy MacInnes, Associate Professor of Photography, University of Denver
    Damon McLeese, Executive Director, Access Gallery
    Adri Norris, Visual Artist
    Tony Ortega, Visual Artist
    Maya Osterman Van Grack, Program & Partnerships Director, Mirror Image Arts
    Lu Anne Tyrrell, Artist/Photographer

  • Photography and Memory Project, Spring, 2020

    Short film documenting our Spring, 2020 Photography and Memory class. The class was co-taught during Covid-19 lockdown by Roddy MacInnes and Anne Walker. University of Denver students partnered with senior community members to share life stories through the catalyst of family photographs. The film was produced and edited by University of Denver film students, Nicole Barker and Emily Goldberg. The project was made possible by a generous grant from LinkAGES Colorado.

  • Denver, Channel 9News: Photography Students interact with Senior Citizens

    Denver, Channel 9News: University of Denver photography students interact with residents of Clermont Park Retirement Community.