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I made my first photographic self-portrait in 1969 hitchhiking around Ireland. For the following thirty-years, with minimal self-awareness, I continued to include myself in many photographs. I now appreciate that doing so produced visual evidence of where I had been, and to the extent that any medium can, confirmed my existence. In graduate school I discovered " The “Looking Glass Self Theory”, which suggests; we come to know who we are from the reactions of other people towards us. Which means, when we look at another person, we are also looking at ourselves. We reflect each other. Therefore, a photograph I take of you, is also a photograph of me. Incorporating this perspective in my photographic practice removed the necessity of physically being in the picture, and created freedom to play with definitions of what self is, or can be. That was, until the Covid-19 Virus arrived. Finding myself socially isolated, without others to reflect, I am the protagonist on my own stage, once again.