Portfolios > Two Way Mirror - Portraits and Self-Portraits

With minimal self-awareness, I put myself in many of my photographs. I now appreciate that doing so produced visual evidence of where I have been and, to the extent that any medium can, confirmed my existence. However, as I've become more aware of interconnection, my definition of self-portraiture has changed. A hypothesis in sociology known as the Looking Glass Self Theory, proposes: we come to know who we are from the reactions of other people towards us. Which means, when we look at another person, we are also looking at ourselves. In other words, a portrait can also be a self-portrait. From my personal history of photography archive, I constructed this portfolio of photographs, (self-portraits, and portraits of significant others) to illustrate a more inclusive, or reflective definition of self-portraiture. In spite of my best intentions however, bestowing visual representation to a hypothesis is challenging. Nonetheless, the exercise heightened my mindfulness about interconnection.